Do you have a team of professionals flying into the Gold Coast and require minute taking for your meeting? Or do you run regular Board Meetings, Management meetings or team meetings and just need someone to take the minutes accurately? We have found that many Committee, Councils and Boards are getting increasingly frustrated with the current minute taker (who is on the Committee/Council/Board) as some critical information is getting missed ….

This is why outsourcing your minutes is necessary. You need a mutual person who is there without any opinions or invested interest in your organisation to record the minutes accurately.

Katarina is here to help you and can come to your meetings either in person at a Gold Coast (or Brisbane) location, or can attend meetings via teleconference. Or you could just send her the recording of the meeting!

Our Minute taking service comes at a flat rate of $45 per hour and you are only charged for the hours worked. There are no other costs involved! There is no travel fees for Gold Coast meetings, and no higher rates for weekends or out of ‘office hours’ rate. Just a flat fee!

Call us on 0410 648 320 to see how we can help your team meeting!

Frequently asked questions:

What we need from you:

Every business is different and every type of meeting uses different language. Some meetings are more formal, others more casual.  To understand exactly what you want from us, we request a copy of a past minutes so we can get a better grasp of the language you use and how you like the attendees addressed. We also request these minutes so it follows on from topics/discussions of the last minutes – you don’t want to get audited and have parts missing in your minutes do you?

If you’ve got a template for us to work on that’s great, if not we can design a template for you. We also request an agenda sent prior to the meeting so we can get the template ready and head into the meeting organised and ready.

When are we available?:

Call 0410 648 320 and find out! We will do our best to shuffle tasks around and attend your meeting, however the more notice given the better. We are available during business hours and also outside of business hours, week days and weekends … call us to find out about availability.

Where do you service?:

Australia Wide! If your meeting is located on the Gold Coast or Brisbane then we can come to you. If your meeting is outside of this, we can attend your meeting via teleconference or you are welcome to send us a recording of the minutes and we will type them.

What do you provide?:

We can bring our own laptop to type your minutes, or for sensitive organisations with highly confidential meetings, we are happy to come to do the minute taking in your office using your equipment. We like to be flexible like that and work to suit your needs.

We also provide images of any whiteboard notes taken during the meeting if required, and an audio recording of the minutes for future reference (and we relisten to the recording to ensure 100% accuracy of the minutes).

Of course if you don’t want to keep images or recordings, we can destroy them when the minutes are submitted to you and you are happy with them.

How long does it take?

Generally, our total time is 2.5 times the duration of the meeting, so if its a 2 hour meeting, it could take 5 hours to complete the minutes, or if its an 8 hour meeting it could take 20 hours BUT it really depends on the meeting itself and how much detail is required.

Simple meetings (such as team meetings) can take as little as the duration of the meeting itself (ie, 1 hour team meeting can take 1 hour done on the spot), but more complicated meetings where there is a requirement for lots of details, then that would take roughly 2.5 times the duration… if not a bit longer. No two meetings are the same and it really depends on the meeting itself.

The completed minutes (with images and audio) can be emailed to you as urgently as 24 hours of the meeting close (dependent on our current workload and your urgency to receive them). However we do prefer if you could give us a few days…. so just let us know when you want them.


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