Every time the New Year season comes in, we usually come up with a list of things that we want to change, start, or accomplish. We think of New Year’s resolutions, we make promises to work harder, exercise more, lose weight, and many other things.


Some of us think of the New Year as a chance to start a fresh, new slate in life. Some think it’s a good opportunity to start something great, thinking, “What do I want to do more each day and how can I turn that into a business?” It’s a question that is asked by many but acted on by few; some fearing that venturing out into the unknown may lead to failure.


If you have a passion for something, that may be a chance for you to turn that thing you love doing into a profitable [ad]venture. You don’t have to quit your current job to make it happen. Just dip your toes in the water and feel the possibilities.


Too many people live in fear of change and think that changes are a threat to their established comfort zones. But in order to grow and be successful, you can’t live 2015 in fear. A bird doesn’t learn to fly by staying put in its nest.


If you find it challenging to get started on your dream, instead of being negative and worrying about the “what if”, just think about how awesome it would feel when you have taken that plunge and have already been successful. Enjoy that awesome sensation of success and try to live in that moment. Ask yourself how you got there. Let it serve as your inspiration and think about the things you have to do to succeed and the rest will come from within you.